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THE CHALLENGE : "Fewer than 10 percent of our seventeen-year-olds leave school with an understanding of biology, chemistry and physics; that is, equipped to pursue engineering or scientific programs in college." Cynthia Frank, Yale Scientific

THE REQUIREMENT: A method for motivating youth and stimulating an interest in science and mathematics.

Under the sponsorship of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation, the National Museum of Naval Aviation is meeting that requirement. With a 34-year record of educating youth, the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation is employing a multi-layer approach to motivating and educating school children using aviation as a central theme:

The Flight to Excellence Program incorporates educational IMAX® movies including The Magic of Flight and other movies with accompanying teachers' guides. Through this program more than 170,000 school children ages 5 to 17 have been introduced to the scientific principles involved in flight.

The Flight Adventure Deck is a collaborative effort between the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation and the school districts of Escambia and Santa Rosa counties, Florida. The Flight Adventure Deck encompasses a 9,000 square-foot wing of the Museum outfitted at a cost of $2,000,000 and devoted to the teaching of science, mathematics and technology, employing hands-on interactive devices. Thirty-eight interactive devices, 11 educational kiosks, 5 wind tunnels and 4 computer-based flight simulators are incorporated as part of a truly revolutionary educational experience for 6th through 8th grade students. The curriculum will soon be expanded to include grades 9 through 12.


The National Flight Academy will be a program that exposes youth throughout the United States to an intense, exciting and fun program that:

  • Reaffirms fundamental core values through team building and role models
  • Integrates current applications in science, mathematics and technology
  • Uses aviation as a central learning theme

During a five-day educational course, 264 students will be assigned to squadrons of 12 with 2 adult flight leaders. A 200,000 square-foot facility adjoining the National Museum of Naval Aviation will house classrooms, simulators, system trainers, laboratories and flight physiology facilities. Dormatory and dining facilities for the students and counselors will be included in the Academy.

OUR GOAL: To motivate young people to pursue careers in science, mathematics and technology, and to prepare them to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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