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The National Museum of Naval Aviation has a large array of aircraft in our database. Whether you 
are searching for information on a particular plane or just browsing through the collection, you will 
find descriptive pictures, facts and stories accompanying each aircraft.

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Aircraft List by Real Name
Aircraft Name Aircraft Manufacturer
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 (F3F-2) Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation 
ACADAME  (TC-4C) Grumman Aircraft Corp. 
ALBATROSS (UF-2G/HU-16E/JR2F) Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp. 
AVENGER (TBM-3/TBF-1) General Motors Corporation 
BANSHEE (F2H (F-2)) McDonnell Aircraft Corp. 
BEARCAT (F8F-2P) Grumman Aircraft Corp. 
BIRD DOG (O-1) Cessna 
CATALINA (PBY) Consolidated Aircraft Corp. 
CHICKASAW (H-19E) Sikorsky Aircraft 
COMMANDO (C-46/R5C-1) Curtiss-Wright Corp. 
CORONADO (PB2Y-5R) Consolidated Aircraft Corporation 
CORSAIR (F4U-4/FG-1D/F4U-4) Chance Vought Aircraft, Inc. 
CORSAIR II (A-7) LTV Aerospace Corp. 
COUGAR (F9F-6/F-9) Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation 
CRUSADER (F-8A/F8U-1) Chance-Vought Aircraft, Inc. 
CUTLASS (F7U-3) Chance-Vought Aircraft, Inc. 
D.VII  (D.VII ) Anthony Fokker Factory, Schwerin; Albatros-Worke Plants, Johannisthal & Scheidemuhl, Germany 
DAUNTLESS (SBD) Douglas Aircraft Co. 

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